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To bring attention to the pervasiveness of government policies and activities that duplicate and compete with private enterprise, including small business.


BCFC management by MWAM provides a single voice for firms, associations, think tanks, government reform and taxpayer groups, and individuals to monitor and promote legislation; facilitate meetings and policy roundtables with candidates for Congress and sitting members of Congress; testimony before Congress; public relations; voting record scorecards; and public relations in support of the "Yellow Pages Test" (for any activity performed by the government for which a for-profit company can be found in the Yellow Pages of the phone book providing the same service,  such activity should be eliminated from the government, contracted out to the private sector, or studied for potential private sector utilization.)


Brand Awareness

  • Established the "Yellow Pages Caucus" in Congress to provide a forum for and coordination among legislators and staff in support of private sector utilization. 

  • Numerous successful news media placements on government competition, including Fox News, One America Network, Washington Post, and others. 

  • BCFC has been requested to testify before Congress on numerous occasions, invited to provide input to White House staff, and hosted more than 100 forums with candidates and incumbent members of Congress.


Reputation Speaks for Itself

"I have had the opportunity to work alongside John Palatiello and John "JB" Byrd as a longtime member of the Business Coalition for Fair Competition (BCFC). Both John and JB enjoy impeccable reputations and I cannot say enough about the professionalism and commitment they had for our organization. Miller Wenhold Association Management has a long history of quality service. Their advocacy, organizational management, education, and outreach makes BCFC an effective and efficiently run coalition of trade associations and professional societies."

Ken Presley, VP of Legislative Affairs
United Motorcoach Association

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