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The partnership between a board of directors and its association management company and staff is critically important to the success of any association. A strong and healthy board-staff partnership will allow for flexible and resilient leadership that contributes positively to an associations overall impact and bottom line.


That’s why supporting volunteer boards of directors is a key component of our suite of association management services. At Miller Wenhold Association Management, we cultivate the trust, respect, candor, transparency, and communication required to ensure a positive and productive partnership between your board and our team. This allows your board to focus on vision, mission, goals, and objectives of your association while our experienced team implements your strategy on your behalf.


Organization: Miller Wenhold Association Management will organize, schedule, and manage the logistics of all board of directors in-person meetings, calls, and virtual meetings. 


We will ensure “white-glove” support for all board of directors meetings and calls. Before each meeting, we will work with the board to manage all notifications and communications to board members, as well as help prepare agendas for feedback and approval. Additionally, we will prepare all board materials and reports in advance of each meeting. To that end, we will work with your organization to develop a calendar for the preparation and delivery of all materials to ensure that board members have all the information they need to carry out their important roles in as timely a manner as desired.


Meeting Management & Advisory: For each meeting, Miller Wenhold Association Management will manage all logistics and otherwise support the board meetings and calls in any way possible. Our goal is to ensure that there is nothing to distract you from the important service you provide to the association as volunteer leaders. In addition, we will support the meetings and calls by helping with facilitation, taking minutes, and coordinating follow-up items for the board and your Miller Wenhold management team.


Beyond board meetings and calls, MWAM is also pleased to serve as a trusted advisor to the board. Whether it’s offering guidance and leveraging best practices on association and non-profit organization governance or providing long-term continuity and facilitating effective knowledge sharing and transfer among rotating volunteer leaders, our leadership has decades of experience in working with boards to ensure that good governance practices are standard operating procedure for your organization.


Our team will advise the board of directors on by-law requirements, meeting requirements, education and certification requirements, and all other pertinent notifications, rules, regulations, and deadlines that the board is required to address. Moreover, as your partner in the success of the association, we will also offer recommendations to leadership on how we can strengthen and build the association through potential new and revised policies, strategies, and tactics that leverage industry trends and best practices to help the association maximize its opportunities and resources going forward.


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