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A successful certification program is critical for any professional membership association. Assessment-based certification programs reinforce the values of the association; offer income from fees, products, and services related to the program; and increase the association’s legitimacy to members, employers, the government, and the profession at large.

Certification programs can position an association to capture the many opportunities of credentialing. Miller Wenhold Association Management, with its experienced team of professionals who have administered and grown association certification programs, can add rocket fuel to an association’s efforts in this area and help grow your association’s number of certification holders, certification-related revenue, and certification program impact.

Education Programming: We manage the professional continuing education programs for several leading associations in other industries, which includes curriculum development, marketing, and record keeping and certification of continuing education units (CEU) for participants. Our team will maintain and track all education CEUs, education session materials, speaker notes, handouts, and any other materials relevant to education sessions at each of your in-person meetings and virtual leading events. 


Online Learning: The continued tightening of training and development budgets, coupled with generational shifts in learning, have created new opportunities for technology-enabled virtual learning. Many professional associations have driven engagement and revenue growth through webinars, on-demand modular courses, and other education-delivery vehicles, and we look forward to exploring whether these opportunities are appropriate for your association and its members. Finally, we would also like to work with your state chapters to capture their education and training session agendas, speaker and panel lists, materials, etc. 

Image by Nick Morrison
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