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In an increasingly saturated environment where members and prospects are bombarded with messages every day, association communications functions have become more integrated and strategic than ever. Along with traditional communications strategies and channels, leading associations are embracing new approaches and technologies to reach their stakeholders wherever they are and consume information.


Miller Wenhold Association Management has a long record of designing and executing communications and public affairs strategies for its association partners. Whether it involves delivering high-quality traditional publications for members or effectively leveraging the latest social media platforms to target key audiences, our integrated communications approach will ensue that an associations content strategy combines audience knowledge, effective messaging, and targeted distribution to provide the right message to the right stakeholder at the right time. Every time.


Member Surveys: An association cannot provide its community with the content they need to excel in their careers if it does not know what content they crave… and how they want to receive that content. As part of our commitment to ensuring your association is a “member-centric” association going forward, Miller Wenhold Association Management will routinely survey membership with regard to association content, offerings, communications vehicles, advocacy, and more to ensure that their voices are front and center at all times. Additionally, we will work diligently to capture the communication preferences of your associations members to ensure that we are reaching them the way/ways they want to be communicated with.


Communications Operations & Marketing: Miller Wenhold Association Management has the infrastructure in place to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of an associations communications operations and marketing including printing; mailing; and advertising sales, invoicing, and processing. We will aggressively market your association and its publications to corporate partners and other industry partners to increase advertising revenue.


Communications Strategy & Outreach: Every day, leading associations are augmenting their existing communications with new approaches—including social media, content marketing, personalization, and mobile delivery—and they are producing content in more varied formats and for multiple channels. To succeed in this new paradigm, association communications functions are becoming more integrated and strategic than ever. Associations need an organization-wide content strategy and data analytics to help them make better decisions related to audience, messaging, and distribution channels.


We have a proven track record of helping associations deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. From traditional print media and email newsletters to social media and blogs, our seasoned team will help your association increase the visibility and impact of its communications to drive impact, relevance, engagement, and revenue. Using our “CORE” content development methodology (Create Once, Reuse Everywhere), we will leverage our integrated communications capabilities to reversion great content, such as topical and evergreen articles penned by members of the associations community, in traditional publications, social media platforms, and blog posts.


Additionally, we will leverage our expertise in media placement to ensure association experts are cited in news stories and guest columns in relevant industry publications. Our team has experience working directly with public relations professional and reporters, which will allow us to position your association messages in a newsworthy way that will help amplify the association’s visibility and impact among members, prospects, policymakers, and the industry at large.


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