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An association’s digital presence is its front door to the world. Whether it is a website accessed via laptop or an app pulled up on the latest smartphone, your members, prospects, and other key stakeholders increasingly rely on the information, services, and opportunities they find online. If that digital presence and user experience meets their wants and needs, new relationships are formed, and old ones deepened. If not, your association may never get a second chance to change that visitor’s perception... and that means lost opportunity, impact, and revenue.


MWAM understands the changing nature of online engagement for associations. Our team has been part of digital transformations for leading associations, and we look forward to putting our experiences and learnings to work for your association as it evolves to become the one-stop digital shop for its community.


Website Management: An association’s website should meet the needs of its members and be accessible to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Period. Whether it’s accessed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, an association's website needs to present visitors with the information (e.g., online member directory, up-to-date event calendar, and online community) and purchase options they need the moment they click the link to your website. And with Miller Wenhold Association Management, it will. Those are “table stakes,” and we will meet them for you each and every time.


Beyond that, MWAM will make upgrades and improvements to an association's existing website to ensure it becomes the digital hub of the association’s membership experience. We have a team of experts at MWAM, augmented by partnerships with leading service providers in the online space, that will understand user needs and wants and make improvements to improve the existing user experience.


Digital Transformation: Beyond merely maintaining and upgrading your existing website, Miller Wenhold Association Management is also able to work with an association on a variety of strategies and initiatives to improve the association’s overall digital presence. We call this digital transformation, and it can take many forms: introducing an app, re-conceptualizing and re-launching a website, adding new back-end capabilities that allow you to better serve more members and capture more actionable information, or building out new digital-only or digital-first member benefits and offerings. By focusing on the importance of improving the user experience for your members and other key stakeholders, our team will be able to work with the board of directors and others to help create the digital future for your association.


Print & DesignAn appealing design makes all the difference. Our team handles all design projects while meeting deadlines. We understand the visions and brands of each of our clients which allows us to quickly and cost-effectively create materials that fit each association’s style and are consistent from piece to piece. Our clients benefit from our relationships with printing companies and other vendors that have accumulated from decades of experience. The high volume of work we do with these companies helps us get the best price. View Our Portfolio


Technology: New advances in technology can offer improved service and more efficient processes if they are applied correctly, and it can be tough to keep up with rapidly changing technology. Our team keeps our client associations on the cutting edge without interrupting the services they provide. 


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